Wooden Constructions

Wooden Constructions

Why wooden…
• Wood is a natural, living material, without toxic substances and the best natural sound and heat insulation material (9 times better than concrete).
• Wood is a wonderful material that is easy to process and has a high aesthetic value.
• High seismic behaviour due to the advantage of wood as a material, i.e., the high mechanical strength in relation to its weight and the elasticity of the material that allows the absorption of seismic load at the joints of the frame elements.
• It is the fastest way to build with a short delivery time.
• The most economical solution compared to other ways of building.
In case of fire…
• In the event of a fire, a conventional house is in danger of irreversible damage as very high temperatures develop and the building’s reinforcement expands. In contrast, a wooden house suffers general damage but only local. The parts of the house that have been damaged by the fire, we either clean them or replace them and the static adequacy of the building is the same as it was before the fire. In addition, it is a very poor conductor of heat and so the other areas of the house are not endangered, allowing residents to escape easily. Also, no dangerous gases are produced during combustion.

Buildings constructed with wooden frame and plaster exterior cladding (thermal facade) have almost zero maintenance costs.

• The combination of wood with other materials such as concrete, metal, aluminium, crystal and polymers in building constructions opens new horizons and promotes architectural design.


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