Private Residence in Klirou

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Private Residence in Klirou

Two storey house

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Private two-storey house in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKlirou in collaboration with our excellent designers – partners, who for years have been proposing and preferring us due to our reliability and professionalism.
Designed to serve all the needs of its owners, both in functionality and appearance.
It is developed on two levels, with a single, spacious, and functional ground floor while the floor consists of three bedrooms with one en-suite. Meets all modern specifications with energy efficiency certificate A.
The high demands of our customers, combined with the high-quality materials, professionalism and reliability of our company are the ingredients for a unique quality of life and a dream home for our customers.

Inside Area175m2
Covered Verandas48m2
Uncovered Verandas7m2
Parking Spaces2 (38m2)
Thermal FacadeYes
Energy Efficiency Class A+Yes
Heat Insulation MaterialsYes