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Mammari Project

Private residence on an existing house in Mammari

Construction Site Flow

An existing attic is transformed into a spacious and comfortable living space of 215 sq.m.!
As a construction company with knowledge of all building materials and construction styles, the best solution for the maximum use of space was the use of Swedish wood as a construction and static material, which in addition to being environmentally friendly, has high mechanical strength and low energy consumption and we consider it as the most durable material that nature offers us generously.
This house, with the reinforcement of both the existing masonry and the existing roof, in terms of sound insulation and thermal insulation holds an energy efficiency certificate A. It is designed based on the needs of its owners in bohemian style and functionality and also in appearance.
On a spacious floor are the living room with dining area and kitchen while the private space of the bedrooms is separated. The 3 bedrooms share a common bathroom. The impressive roof gives warmth and grandeur to the house, which is in no way behind a ground floor house, while the skylights on the roof provide generous lighting and ventilation to the rooms.
The high demands of our customers, combined with the high-quality materials, professionalism and reliability of our company are the ingredients for a unique quality of life and a dream home for our customers.

LandOn existing house
Inside Area215m2
Thermal FacadeYes
Energy Efficiency Class A+Yes
Heat Insulation MaterialsYes