Korfi Project in Klirou

3D Designs

Construction Flow

Private two-storey house in the area of ​​Klirou in collaboration with our excellent designers – partners, who for years have been proposing and preferring us due to our reliability and professionalism.
Designed in a court, surrounded by sidewalks and green space with amazing views of the Mountain ‘Korfi’ at Klirou, it comes in harmony with nature, with the classic multi-level tile roof.
The house serves all the needs and tastes of its owners, both in functionality and appearance. It is developed on two levels, which shape the interiors giving a more private touch to each space.
It has a spacious and functional ground floor where the huge living room is separated from the kitchen and dining room. Upstairs are the en-suite master bedroom, a second bedroom and a third office or future bedroom. The feature that differentiates the house from the rest, apart from its multi-level roof, are the correctly oriented and large openings which offer uninterruptedly the magnificent view of the mountain.
The high demands of our customers, combined with the high-quality materials, professionalism and reliability of our company are the ingredients for a unique quality of life and a dream home for our customers. Meets all modern specifications with energy efficiency certificate A.


Korfi Project in Klirou
  • Inside Area: 186m2
  • Yard: 156m2
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • WC: 3
  • Covered Verandas: 27m2
  • Parking Area: 34m2
  • Thermal Facade: Yes
  • Energy Efficiency Class A+: Yes
  • Heat Insulation Materials: Yes